As an exhibitor, you will receive the following:

  • 8’ x 6’ (Black) Piped and Draped Booth Space
  • Covered (Black) and Skirted (Black) 6’ table with 2 chairs
  • Opportunity to educate attendees about your business and offer samples
  • Business-to-Business networking opportunities
  • 2 vendor admission passes , 6 vendor passes for restaurants (additional passes may be purchased)
  • Opportunity to provide an Auction Item for additional exposure
  • Opportunity to provide up to 2 door prizes that will be given away from your booth location
  • Opportunity to provide flyers, coupons etc. to be pre-stuffed into the guests “goody” bags that they willreceive upon entrance to the event
  • Awards! Awards for BEST: Food Vendor, Decorated Business Booth, Decorated Food Booth, Kids’ Choice and Crowd Favorite

Booth placement is granted on a first-come, first-served basis. While we make every attempt to place you at one of your preferred locations, it is ultimately up to the placement committee. Please note that restaurants will be placed to accommodate crowd control. Health restrictions require that restaurants must remain under the covered concourse area.

All vendors will be required to sign a liability waiver. Restaurants will need to provide a copy of your insurance and your food permit. Please see additional Restaurant Requirements letter below.


Set up & Registration

You may set up your booth between the hours of 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm on September 28th.Upon arrival please check in at the Chamber Booth for your registration packet and booth assignment. Make sure you bring all supplies needed such as extension cords and tape to secure all cords. These will not be available to rent the day of the event, so please be prepared. NO POWER STRIPS ARE ALLOWED.

Door Prizes

All vendors are welcome to bring up to 2 door prize for drawings throughout the evening. At registration, please fill out a card describing your door prize and display your prize at your booth. Upon each drawing, the description will be announced from the stage area and the winner may pick up the prize at your booth.

Punch-Cards for Restaurants Only

Visitors at the expo will receive punch cards like the ones you receive in your packet. Please use the hole punch provided to you at check in to mark your booth number on the punch card of each visitor to your booth. In order for each visitor to be eligible for the Grand Prize, 10 holes on the punch card must be punched. Please designate a person to punch the cards, this person will not be allowed to handle the food.

Pre-Stuffing Materials

Each guest will receive a “goody” bag upon entry to the event.If you would like us to pre-stuff any coupons, flyers, etc. intothese bags, please deliver your items to the Chamber beforeSeptember 26th. No exceptions.


Awards will be presented to the Best: Food Vendor, BestDecorated Booth (Food & Business), Kids’ Choice and CrowdFavorite.

Our guests will vote for their favorites in each category. Thewinners will be publicized in Press Releases and ads afterthe event, so this is a means of raising the visibility and namerecognition of your business. The appearance of your boothenhances the experience of our guests and your potentialcustomers. Make it unforgettable!

Public Silent Auction

All vendors are encouraged to bring a silent auction item tobe displayed at our Public Silent Auction. Auction items aredue to the Chamber office by September 23rd.

After the Show…

All vendors must be out of the building by 9:30pm. Please beorganized and careful when accomplishing this task.

Business Booth
Restaurant Booth
Individual Crafter Booth
Full Info and Form Packet:

Full Info and Form Packet:

Full Info and Form Packet:

Individual(Replacement) Forms:

Individual(Replacement) Forms:

Individual(Replacement) Forms:


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